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Nicolas Audy-Rowland

I am a native French speaker who graduated from Amherst College with a BA in Classics. I grew up in Saint Barths, and went to school in the United States since the age of 16. I have ten years' experience as a contract translator, and two years' experience localizing Macintosh OS X content. Being bilingual, I am equally at ease working from French to English as I am working from English to French.

Projects are never subcontracted, and I provide total accountability for any services rendered, This means my clients never have to speak to a manager or project lead -- this lack of an intermediary has proven to be an effective method of handling small to medium jobs, especially in situations where fluid, dynamic communication is critical to a project's outcome.

Rates are competitive: my base rate is $.18 per word. This rate is increased or decreased contingent on content, complexity and size of any given project. I am also available as a consultant at a base hourly rate of $80, again contingent on the project. Any localization work is quoted per project.

My reference assets are extensive. In addition to written and digital lexical resources, I make use of memory translation tools which allow me to expedite projects while maintaining accuracy and consistency throughout.

Final content can be provided in a wide variety of digital formats, as well as hard copy.



(.lproj .plist .rsrc .nib .strings)
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 Ten years' experience as a contract translator

 Two years' experience localizing Mac OS X content

 Lexical assets ranging from Aeronautics to WWII military dictionaries

 Over 140 MB of Microsoft, Apple, and other published lexica

 Memory translation tools

 Intimate knowledge of Apple French-English equivalents

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